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Lorrayne Abbotts

Coastal K9 Cuts is a home based friendly dog grooming salon that is proud to offer a one to one service to dogs within Westward Ho! and the surrounding areas.

Our one to one services are kept as such but ensuring appointments are scheduled and do not overlap. 
We believe the more information from the dogs owners in our consultations ensures that even the most nervous anxious or dogs with health conditions can receive the right care  with us, we provide the patience, love and understanding to give them the space required and take time to work at the dogs pace to provide the best possible grooming experience for them.  
Our aim is to ensure all dogs look forward to their grooms at Coastal K9 Cuts with tails wagging not hidden between their legs.

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We're fully insured, OCN Level 3 Qualified and hold Canine 1st aid certification

Coastal K9 cuts provides a clean and hygienic environment, and has robust infection control policies and procedures in place to protect everyone who uses our services. With this in mind we like to remind owners to ensure that their dog does not have a illness or flea infestation prior to attending any grooming appointments.

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Coastal K9 Cuts ensures that their responsibility to treat each dog as if it was their own by following the Welfare Act 2006 - The 5 Animal Needs

The need for a suitable environment.

The need for a suitable diet this includes fresh food and water at all times.

The need to be able to exhibit natural/normal behaviours patterns.

The need to be housed with, or apart from other animals as required.

The need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury, and disease.

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